How the App Works!

  1. The Garden Manager sets up a new Garden here.
  2. A new Garden is created, with the Garden Manager receiving an email with 3 web links to access their new Garden tools:
    • Tool #1: Garden Signup Form - The custom link for the Gardeners to sign up. (eg.
    • Tool #2: Garden Spreadsheet - Data from the Garden Signup collected into one spreadsheet.
    • Tool #3: Garden Report - Gain insights into your Garden data.

Read more and see more examples below.


#1 Garden signup form

The Garden Signup Form collects all the Gardener information, plot allocation, garden payment detail, feedback and other custom questions.  View a sample Garden Signup in the window below or click here to view an example Garden Signup.  



The Garden Spreadsheet collects all the Garden Signup answers in one easy-to-use 'live' document. The Garden Spreadsheet is accessible online to only the Garden Manager(s) and is updated instantly. View a sample Garden Spreadsheet in the window below or click here to view an example Garden Spreadsheet. 


#3 Garden Reports

Get a live link to your Garden Signup report! As you start collecting data, each Garden Signup Form will have its own corresponding auto-generated report, so you can gain insights into your data. View a sample report in the window below, or click this link to view a sample Garden Report


Manage Garden Fees

Track and collect Garden Fees online. Within the Garden Signup, each Gardener is prompted to select a method to pay Garden Fees:

  • Pay Online*
  • Cheque (Garden information is detailed for Gardener, eg. Cheque made out to to "Garden Name", send cheque to...)
  • Cash (Gardeners are given and details about how to pay cash to Garden Manager).
  • Not Sure (For Gardeners not sure about how they can pay, continue with Garden Signup).

Within the Garden Spreadsheet, Online Payments are automatically listed, and the Garden Manager can enter additional payments to mark gardeners as having paid Garden Fees (eg. mark cash payment). View a Garden Spreadsheet example in the window below, or click this link to view a sample Garden Fees within a Garden Spreadsheet example

*Online Garden Fees: Online payments through the Community Garden App are processed with Stripe, a trusted and secure way to accept credit card and debit card payments online, and are subject to processing fees. Read more about how we collect and process Garden Fees on behalf of each Garden, transfer back to the Gardens, and any fees which apply - click here.

Email confirmations

After each Gardener Signup is submitted, both the new Gardener and the Garden Manager will receive an email confirmation/notification. The Gardener's email confirmation is to confirm the Gardener's signup and provide any additional information. The Garden Manager will receive an email notification for every new Gardener Signup, with all the newly submitted Garden Signup information listed in the email. Click below for example of what the emails contain.


Garden Rules & Gardener Agreements

During the Garden Signup, the Gardener is prompted to agree to the terms and conditions of the Garden Rules and/or Garden Agreement. These documents are uploaded/linked to the Garden Signup by the Garden Manager.  Listed below, a sample Garden Rules and sample Gardener Agreement for any new garden to use/change, if required. 


community garden app: NEW GARDEN SETUP


For Garden Managers to setup a new garden: