Gardener Fees:


Pay Gardener fees



Cheques made out to: Vancouver Community Garden Builders *Please note Garden & Gardener Name

Mailed to: 210-128 W. Hastings St. Vancouver BC V6B1G8


Garden Managers: Fees & App Fees

The Community Garden App is free to use. The Community Garden App collects Garden Fees online for your Garden, and then transfers the Garden Fees* to the Garden's bank account. Transfers or cheques to the Gardens are sent out on the last day of every month. Within each Garden's Spreadsheet, all Garden Fee details are is listed.

Fees only apply to any Garden Fees paid online with a Credit Card through the Community Garden App. 

*minus App Fees:
Each online credit card payment for Garden Registration is $1 and is charged to the Gardener. This fee is in addition to Garden's Fees.
For all Garden Fee payments processed with the Community Garden App, a 5% fee is collected as a processing fee. This fee is deducted from the total collected Garden Fees. The remaining collected Garden Fees (95%) are then transferred to the Garden. 


For Example:

A Gardener registering their Garden plot with total Garden Fees of: $10/year

  • Garden Fees: $10
    • Garden App Fee (5%): 50cents
    • Remaining Garden Fees : $9.50
  • Gardener Registration Fee $1

Total Garden Fees collected/paid by Gardener: $11

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