Community Garden App

The all-in-one online Community Garden Manager! 

Our community garden management software is designed to assist Community Garden Managers in running a community garden. We know how much administration, paper work and time it takes to manage a community gardens. The Community Garden App lets your Gardeners fill out a custom Sign-Up Form, with registration details collecting: Contact info, Plot allocation, Agreement to Garden’s Rules, Agreement to Gardener’s Agreement, Payment details, and the option to add other custom data/questions. The completed Gardener Signups are automatically organized, then uploaded to an online spreadsheet for Garden Managers to access and analyse.

The Garden Management software is free to use!

*Fees apply for Garden Fees paid online through the Community Garden App.



Gardeners: Find Your Garden!


Garden Manager Tools


Sign + Agree: Garden Rules & Agreements


Garden Signup:  Plot Allocation w/ Gardener Info


Collect Fees:  Gardener Fees + Membership Dues


The Community Garden App includes all the tools a Garden Manager needs: sign-up new gardeners, compile detailed Gardener contact info and plot allocation, build e-mail lists, collect fees online, see who has paid, and make sure everyone stays up to date on paperwork - all with the Community Garden App.

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